Linda Talks About After Sex Without Her Husband Gary

Dear My After Sex Buddy:
When we first got married, Gary was a power cuddler. We’d finish making love
and he would turn into the Don Juan of After Sex. He would hold me, talk kindly to me, and show me endless amounts of affection..

Fast forward 20 years…After sex, he just goes limp. It’s like being with a bear that’s going into hibernation. He’s satisfied (I may or may not be) and he’s out like a light. Worse, he snores something fierce. I don’t know if he doesn’t have the stamina or he’s just getting older. Our sex is still pretty good, but our After Sex is about as stimulating as an early 12th Century book reading.


A Break Between Sports Shows

Dear My After Sex Buddy:
I’m sharing my story with you in hopes that you can help break the spell that has turned my once upon a time charming partner of 12 years into a frog.

Jim was always into sports, but when we first hooked up, he was a lot more into me.

Now, our lovemaking sessions usually start with having to tear him away from the TV where’s he’s glued to some never ending sports reel. When I finally get him into bed, he “works on me” with what he calls the “jackhammer” (sounds inviting-no?).

He’s good about making sure that my needs are satisfied during lovemaking. When we’re done, he slowly ekes his way out of bed and within seconds he’s back in front of the TV, beer in hand.

I don’t need hours of post-coital affection, but it would be nice to feel like I’m not just a commercial break between sports shows.

Sincerely, Melinda.

Are all men like this?

Dear My After Sex Buddy:
I’ve been reading through some of the stories and articles on your website and truthfully, it’s kinda scary.

I’m a young, single woman, 25 years old and I date on and off. I’ve had pretty different experiences with a handful of men and their After Sex ritual. Some are cool and suave and others seem to freeze up or even get anxious like they have somewhere to go.

I’ve read about how men have this biological response after ejaculation that makes them not feel so warm and fuzzy. I get that. I have biological responses too- but I’m not a reptile. I have enough sense to be able to manage my instincts and do what’s right in a given moment.

I expect that if I’m going to give of myself, my energy and my body and have sex with a man, he can at least show me the courtesy of giving me a hug after we’re done.

More and more of my girlfriends are getting married. I’ll know what to give them at the bachelorette party as a warning to their husbands that there’s a new after sex sheriff in town!

Keep the good times coming.