Top 10s

Not so smart things men say after sex
1. All good?
2. That made me hungry.
3. Have you seen my pants?
4. That always happens to me.
5. Can you pass me the remote?
6. Bedtime?
7. Oh right, I forgot that the game was on tonight.
8. Sorry.
9. A hug? Sure I can give you a hug. All better?
10. Kids! Your mother needs you.

How to keep your man cuddling after sex
1. Keep a spare shot of adrenaline by your bedside.
2. Unplug the TV or simply hide the remote.
3. Threaten him: “Do you want this to be the last time we have sex?”
4. Seal all windows and doors.
5. Delay his orgasm.
6. S&M- make sure he’s tethered down.
7. Keep food handy.
8. Keep beer handy.
9. Tell him how you feel- if that doesn’t work, tell him how he feels.
10. Get a new man or a My After Sex Buddy.