Turn Afterplay into Foreplay

If sleep is still foremost in his mind after sex, here’s some after sex advice. For one, try having sex when he’s well rested so there’s less temptation to fall asleep afterward. And if he needs some added encouragement, consider this: Maintaining physical contact after orgasm is an important step to becoming a multi-orgasmic male. After an orgasm, his body tends to want to relax or go to sleep. If instead, he doesn’t withdraw after his orgasm [not recommended if you’re wearing a condom, of course] and you continue caressing one another, the need to relax or sleep will recede behind a new surge of growing arousal.

If he’s still not buying it, and would rather pass out than persist, use the moment to build some sexual anticipation and give him something to savour until you see each other again. Describe something you liked about what just transpired and maybe add a new twist you might like to give it in the future. And just like that, suddenly afterplay becomes foreplay for next time.


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