Chat Time

Cuddling isn’t the only way to stay intimately connected after sex. Much to the chagrin of most guys, many women say this is their favourite time to chat.

It’s a great way to get to know someone (“So what was your name again?”) or to put you back in touch with someone you already know pretty well. The fact that you’ve just had your tongue up someone’s wazoo does tend to make you feel closer. Just be careful; that post-sex grogginess is a bit like being drunk – you’re more open and apt to spill your guts. And, as when you’re drunk, it’s best to avoid the really heavy topics.

“It’s our catch-up time,” one couple tells me. “We reconnect when we have sex, so afterward, it’s like, ‘Hey I know you. What have you been up to?’“ I also find this a good time to explore fantasies – to talk about what you’d like to try. Since you’ve just had sex, there’s no pressure to do anything about it right away.


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